16 - 17 April 2015, Bangalore
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Meta Refresh is a conference on the construction of the user experience on the web. Meta Refresh is a conference for working web designers and developers to present on how their own work has advanced the state of the web in the past year. You are expected to present original work that your peers — this event’s audience — recognise as being notable enough to deserve a stage.

For 2015 our focus was on (a) Design from a web engineering standpoint, and (b) Enhancing the state of web experiences on mobile devices, with their many constraints. The 2015 edition is over. Meta Refresh will be back on 13 and 14 May 2016, at the MLR Convention Centre, Bangalore.

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Meta Refresh

Meta Refresh had three editions in Bangalore. Last year's edition was about the need for frontend engineers to exchange skills with designers, as well as automating frontend workflows. The emphasis was on making web engineering a two-way interaction between designers and engineers, and getting them out of their comfort zones.

The 2013 edition was about letting go. It was about learning the skills necessary to build experiences which cannot possibly exist in any medium apart from the internet. It showcased people from all over the world who have built experiences with a deep understanding of what the internet is and what it can be.

The 2012 edition was about putting the specs aside and revisit the construction of user interface on the world's biggest platform - the web. It was a single day - 4 track event which covered stories, process, browsers and tools.



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  • One caretaker accompanying a child (under 6) gets free entry to the conference and all facilities.
  • We offer a quiet, enclosed space for the child or caretaker to rest, and a cordoned public space with playmats. The indoor space has drinking water, a changing station (but no toilet) and a waste disposal bin.
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