Angular PWA workshop

Learn how to build progressive web apps using Angular

11 November 2017, 10:00 AM to 1:15 PM, HasGeek House, Bangalore

Progressive web apps are no longer considered an alternative to native mobile apps, instead they are evolving to becoming the de-facto way of building web apps.

Angular’s vision is to get to a point where every Angular application deployed to production is by default AOT compiled and is a PWA.

During the workshop participants will fork a regular Angular application and will go about converting it into a PWA. Some of the items we will learn during the workshop are:

  • Toolset to improve your developer productivity while working with Angular.
  • Leveraging Angular CLI and other core modules to build out a Minimum Viable PWA (MVP)
  • Add mobile installable capabilities via manifest.
  • Universal Rendering for the App shell.
  • Offline caching for static and dynamic content.
  • Setting up caching strategies between offline first and network first.
  • UX guidelines & best practices for offline first apps.
  • Adding Push notifications.
  • Deploying to firebase.
  • Allowing transactions in offline mode via background sync.

Target Audience:

Web Developers, who are familiar with any JS framework. Frontend Solution Architects Hybrid & Native Mobile app developers comfortable with JavaScript Students and all JS and web enthusiasts.


Node js 6.x.x. or above Android phone along with USB cable (for debugging) (optional) Google Account / Firebase Account.

Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Team (eXperience Technologies team from Sapient Razorfish):

  • Vinci Rufus –Sr. Director SapientRazorfish
  • Nisheed Jagdeesh -Manager SapientRazorfish
  • Kriti Aggarwal – SapientRazorfish
  • Ashish Jangid – SapientRazorfish


Vinci Rufus

Sr. Director of Technology with SapientRazorfish





HasGeek House 2699, 19th Main, 5th Cross, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008.