JSFoo Coimbatore 2019

8 June 2019, Coimbatore

On building a fast and secure web

JSFoo is the annual JavaScript conference hosted by HasGeek.

The Coimbatore edition is the first edition, and the second in the series of traveling editions of JSFoo in 2019.

You should attend JSFoo if you work in any of the following domains

  • Architecture of Web Apps
  • Frameworks, tools and alternatives to JS
  • Front end and its security
  • Building systems, tools and processes for teams
  • Performance and UX
  • Management and scaling of Infrastructure
  • Debugging, testing and profiling on the Web

How it all began

HasGeek launched JSFoo in 2011 as India’s first JavaScript conference. The JS community in India has grown phenomenally since then. JavaScript now prevades every aspect of web development - browsers, apps, front-end, back-end, mobile and IoT. There is always scope to understand new ideas and solutions. JSFoo explores new ideas, implementing innovative solutions, and learning from experiences and anti-patterns.

Want to see the talks from last year’s conference? Watch the JSFoo 2018 videos or JSFoo Pune 2018 videos.

What else is happening?

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