JSFoo: VueDay 2019

30 August 2019, Bangalore International Center (BIC), Bangalore

A day spent discussing Vue.js, developments in the Vue ecosystem and component architecture

Why JSFoo: VueDay?

In the third week of March 2019, Vue.js became the most starred project on GitHub. The organic growth of the community around Vue.js is notable.

The community in India is gradually taking off. Large and small Indian companies are among the early adopters of Vue.js and NativeScript (for mobile). Below are some of the case studies we have featured at HasGeek events in 2018:

  1. https://hasgeek.com/jsfoo/2019-pune/proposals/the-vuetiful-journey-from-angularjs-to-vue-migrati-viQja9N7G6auVWkLniFFgD
  2. https://hasgeek.tv/reactfoo/hyderabad/1472-react-to-vue-why-and-how-rahul-kadyan
  3. https://hasgeek.tv/jsfoo/2018-day-1/1594-vuejs-at-olacabs

JSFoo: VueDay is a conference in response to the community’s growing needs to discuss:

  1. Tooling with Vue and Vue CLI.
  2. NativeScript as an alternative for building cross-platform apps
  3. Component architecture with Vue – building web applications with Vue as one of the components in the architecture
  4. Web standards and Vue.js
  5. Vue 3 - to be released.

If you are interested in participating in JSFoo: VueDay, submit a talk/tutorial/workshop/BOF proposal here. Proposal submissions close on 15 May 2019.

Collaborators and community participation with JSFoo: VueDay

“JSFoo: VueDay is being curated with support from the community. The following community members are involved with speaker outreach, proposal reviews, community engagement and putting the conference programme together:”

* Rahul Kadyan – Vue core team member, senior software engineer at Myntra
* Vidya Ramakrishnan – front-end developer at HasGeek
* Navya Agarwal – Member of Technical Staff at Adobe
* Hemanth Rai – front-end lead at Cloudnaut Technologies
* Arnav Gupta – founding member at Coding Blocs
* Chirag Jain, front-end developer by practice, is part of the coordinating team for the conference, from the community. For details, contact HasGeek on info@hasgeek.com or jsfoo.editorial@hasgeek.com; call 7676332020.

Call for Proposals

We are currently accepting talk proposal submissions

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