12 - 13 February 2014

The 3 hour hands on sessions spanning over 2 days, covers 4 workshops on design + frontend development. Sessions include: "Making design decisions" by Sunit Singh, "Embracing Progressive Enhancement" by Souvik Das Gupta, "Responsive Web Design done right" by Arpan Chinta and "The Design Superheroes who uses Modern Design Workflows" by Brajeshwar Oinam.
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12 - 13 February


Making design decisions

Sunit Singh

Lead Designer at Cleartrip

The workshop aims to equip participants with a set of practical tools that can be used to address design problems.

Through a series of design techniques & hands-on exercises, participants will be sensitised to the nuances which make interfaces intuitive & elegant.

This workshop has been conducted earlier at Nasscom Product Conclave (NPC 2013). Meta Refresh will see a much more evolved version of this workshop based on the experience & feedback recieved at NPC 2013.

Who should attend?

  • Product Managers
  • Aspiring designers (Might be too basic for experienced designers)
  • Web Developers
  • Startup Founders

Embracing Progressive Enhancement

Souvik Das Gupta

Co-founder of Miranj

To understand the principle of progressive enhancement, and to adopt it in everyday web design/development.

We are perpetually on our toes to absorb the latest technologies that power the web and make use of them in our projects. However, in doing so, we often overlook and break the principles that the web has been built on over the past two decades. Even if we choose to turn blind towards philosophies, standards or doing things the right way, we simply cannot ignore the proliferation and diversity of devices and user agents today.

This workshop will revisit the spirit of the web — understanding what makes the web special and how to embrace the principle of progressive enhancement to build robust websites. We shall create a very simple project starting from scratch and build it in layers so that the final code works flawlessly across many different systems and devices — both feature-rich and featureless.

“The best way to be future-proof is to be backwards compatible.”

Responsive Web Design done right

Arpan Chinta


Understand and implement different Responsive Design patterns from scratch.

Responsive Web Design has become a big buzz word. Everybody's doing it. And all the frameworks have added support for partially responsive sites.

Yet, too many people are doing it in the wrong way. We're using frameworks that make all the decisions for us. But almost all of them follow just a single basic pattern, multiple columns that merge into a single column. And this results in layouts that aren't really that great.

Can we do better? There are numerous Responsive Design patterns, and yet we don't use them because they seem difficult to implement. But they are not.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make websites that provide a great experience on every device. We are going to learn how to build a few different and unique responsive design patterns from scratch. In the process you'll learn techniques that you will be able to use in your own projects and with any framework.

The Design Superheroes who use Modern Design Workflows

Brajeshwar Oinam

Product Direction & UI-UX Design at Kamelot Kapital

As a designer, while designing nice and beautiful interfaces, you should follow the “Don’t Repeat Yourself” principle by automating your task as much as possible.

This workshop will take you through design workflows and tools that will make you a designer to be reckon with. This will introduce you to tools such as Yeoman, Bower, Grunt, Jekyll and make your life easier with processes such as CSS Linting, CSS compression, Javascript Uglification, Automatic Image optimization, complete with testing your design codes on the way.


The Energy and Research InstituteDomlur

The Energy and Research Institute



12 - 13 February 2014


The Energy and Research Institute (TERI),
4th Main Rd, Domlur II Stage,
Domlur, Bangalore,
Karnataka 560008, India

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